Ozzy van der Loo is absolutely the most sensible, hardest working guy I know.

Prior to working with Ozzy, we tour managed ourselves for many years and had also hired many other tour managers. Once we got with Ozzy, we never looked back. This guy goes above and beyond for every band he works with.
He is an absolute master of logistics, an excellent driver, a wizard at the merch table, and the best problem solver I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
What makes Ozzy great is the fact that he genuinely cares about the band he is working with. He allows the musician to focus entirely on their music and shields them from all outside distractions. He will make any tour he is a part of run smoother, more efficient, and much more profitable.
Ozzy is the king of tour managing!

I’m a touring musician and I’ve worked with Ozzy on many occasions over several years. Trust me when I tell you this is the kind of guy you want working for you.

A consummate professional with an attention to detail that’s second to none. Trustworthy and then some. Nowadays, I would definitely call him a friend, as do all the musicians who are fortunate to find themselves working with him. punctual, reliable and super supportive. Sounds too good to be true? You’ll find out yourself. Cheers.

John “Hollowbelly” Farr


Detail, detail, detail, that’s what you need covered with gigs and a touring schedule. Ozzy checks out the venue of course, but the stuff that makes a gig easy or a pain, such as the route, daily schedule, load-in and the parking, Ozzy will know the score in advance – so there’s no surprises, no stress.

In my experience he’s meticulous and honest about money and payments to the point of obsessiveness…oh, and did I mention?… He’s a real nice guy too.

We toured with Ozzy and I do not think we have ever had a better tour manager.

Professional, dependable, organized, and willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. But what really sets him apart ( besides being a wonderful family man) is his personality. The guy is so positive it helps lift everyone around him which can be so important on the road.
I would hire Ozzy and Chulahoma fulltime if we could!

I spent ten days touring France with Ozzy at the helm. I can say unequivocally that it was the best touring experience of my life.

He had every detail of our schedule nailed down before we even set foot on French soil, and we didn’t have to worry about a single thing for the duration of our tour.
He’s a safe and expedient driver, and during our trips between cities he was a font of information, answering our many questions and regaling us with tales of his life on the road as a tour manager.
The man clearly loves his job, and it shows in his performance. He has excellent taste in music, he’s a great guy to pal around with, and I would recommend his services without hesitation to anyone needing a tour manager in the EU. I sincerely hope to work with him again many times in the future.

I toured with Ozzy van der Loo and he is a consummate professional.

First rate vehicle and back line, and Ozzy is a hard worker who never complains and is a fun and pleasant individual. I highly recommend Ozzy for tour management!

Working with Ozzy is great. He’s a hard worker and is consistently looking for ways to help bands.

He understands the complex variety of issues that bands and tours go through. He is careful to work with bands to ensure that a tour is a success musically, financially, and otherwise.

Ozzy is a pro. He knows when to push things and when to pull back. He’s always working for the band.

He is our number one support in Europe. Without him, touring would be much more challenging.

There’s no one else we’d rather tour Europe with than Ozzy! He’s professional, easy to communicate with, fun, organized, fair, intelligent, and made the tour go smoothly!

He really took care of us and exceeded all of our expectations, not to mention we made a friend for life. If that’s not enough proof for you, consider the popular bit of wisdom: “if it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!”