Chulahoma Music is a company that specializes in tour support: tour management, backline rental, and logistics. Bands, agencies and band managers can reach out to Chulahoma Music when they’re in need of a tour manager.

A band should only have to worry about the actual show itself

All other issues will be dealt with by the tour manager.

Live audience

Chulahoma Music is run by Ozzy van der Loo, formerly a logistics manager for (among others) BASF until 2014, when a unique opportunity to pursue a career in the music industry presented itself. Originally set up as a booking agency, Chulahoma Music evolved into a company whose core business is tour support.

In the meantime more and more bands and booking agencies manage to find their way to Chulahoma Music. (Bookings are only provided as a service to bands who need to fill some dates.)

Chulahoma road sign

Chulahoma Music also has a Facebook page. Feel free to check out and “like” Chulahoma Music on Facebook.

Would you like additional information? Feel free to contact Ozzy:

+31 (0) 6 10 47 00 57